The Soul Seal


Soul Seal was created from a number of inspirations:

Soul Seal was born in 2018

Using a communal rubber mat at the gym never feels sanitary.  Even if you carry your own personal rubber mat,  (while you might wipe the top off after class), you are still rolling it out and back up with the dirt and germs from the studio or gym floor.

Constantly adjusting your mat during class because it slips and bunches is very frustrating and takes away from your routine and focused practice. Further more, having your hands and feet slip on your topper is less than ideal and does not provide a confident surface.

We solved the problem with traditional yoga mats!

As you can tell, we are highly germ sensitive and we were tired of our towel toppers that absorbed odors and smelled even after they had been washed.

SO, we became inspired and set out to solve these issues.  We decided to create a mat that would firmly adhere to a rubber mat, have some grip for your hands and feet and not absorb germs and odors over time.

In 2018, Soul Seal was born, and became that mat.  We are very proud to be 100% North Carolina manufactured.  It has been our mission since inception to contribute to bringing manufacturing back to the United States.


We love hearing from fellow yoga & exercise friends.

Please contact us with your stories, and ideas!  Email us photos of you and your friends enjoying your Soul Seal mat toppers and we’ll post it on our site, Facebook & Instagram.


— The Soul Seal Team