We Don’t like keeping secrets so here it is…

It wasn’t easy, but we did it!

After searching, purchasing, and trying out many different mat toppers, we were never able to find one that wouldn’t bunch, slip, and smell after only just a few uses (even with washing between uses). We decided it was time to take matters into our own hands and create our own.

After many rounds of experimentation, we have created a combination of fabric technologies that gives our mat an incredible solid, cohesive gripping component that firmly adheres to your rubber mat.  We have incorporated a silver-ion antimicrobial so it will not absorb germs & smell over time, which provides a beautiful barrier between you and the “gym juice”.  For added traction, we have a technology on the topside of the mat to aid your hands and feet from slipping.

The material functions amazingly and can go in a washing machine and is easily and quickly hung to dry.

Crafted with love in North Carolina

Great grip to your rubber mat

Won't smell over time

Doesn't absorb germs

Washable & Quickly Line dried

Soft to the touch yet grips firmly to hands & feet

Beautifully Woven Fabric

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Our patent pending, universal mat topper was created with multiple functions in mind. It’s the best defense in creating a barrier between sweat and germs while also increasing your grip!